Hi everyone and welcome to Northgard A strategy game where you lead a clan of vikings It’s currently in early access And I’ve heard good things about it from quite a few people So I deceided to check it out Let’s check it out together There’s no campaign in the game right now, but judging from this, there is going to be one in the future So, let’s play a game I think we will go with normal difficulty, even though I don’t know much about the game yet! At least it’s going to be entertaining, right? Map size, small, medium, large AI players up to three And we got five different victory conditions Alright, let’s get started And we can pick our clan Let’s have a look then Clan of the wolf Clan of the stag Clan of the goat Clan of the raven And clan of the bear Alright And they got different starting bonuses Clan of the bear: Food production loss during winter is reduced by 20% You can summon an armoured bear at your training camp. That sounds awesome! Instead of having reduced power, your military units gain 10% resistance bonus during winter. Alright.

And fame bonuses Kindred spirit: Having an armoured bear or a shield maiden in an area increases local production by 15% Okay The bear awakens: You gain +5 fame per enemy unit killed in an area with the shield maiden Alright Let’s just go with clan of the bear. Why the heck not Having an armoured bear sounds awesome Sounds good to me Alright. Like I said this is basically the first time I am playing. So, I don’t know just how far this will go We will find out Click the build button to construct a building. Right. Obviously. Or we can press “B”. What is actually available in here? We can build a house. These are our resources, we got food, wood, crowns, stone, iron. We got four out of five population And our current warband size is zero Lore And we also go happiness Alright Let’s build a house That will cost us 50 wood and 10 crowns We can also build a scout camp And a wood cutters lodge Doesn’t look like there is a way to pause the game? So let’s move quickly.

We can’t spend too much time randomly looking around when there’s no way to pause or slow down. Alright. What else can we do? Civilians. We can cycle through our civilians Alright. We can also select all of them. Like so. Alright. Wood cutters lodge We are going to need more resources, that is kind of obvious. Let’s get started on wood cutters lodge There’s the house Which means our population cap increased to ten Alright I assume new villagers will just come and join us? Or something? We got five now Alright. Fair enough. And next up we will grab the scout camp To explore the map I assume “Your building is ready. Click to select a villager, clicking twice will select all units”. Alright. Oh yeah.