Now we can turn our villagers into wood cutters. Okay And I assume they will just go do their thing And we can turn one into scout Alright. Fair enough. Go forth and explore! We can tell him where to go Oh wait hold on. We need to wait? Yeah, looks like we need to wait Alright. That’s interesting Yeah, very interesting exploration system. I’ve not seen that done before. So, how do we unlock new things? Let’s see. Oh, next villager progress. Alright. “Spawns new villagers when you have enough happiness” And there we go Stones. We can build a mine here. Can we actually build a mine? Yes we can. We got a healers hut “Allows you to recruit healers who will heal your wounded or sick clan members” Also a training camp.

“Increases your war band size, and recruits military units” A defence tower We can’t build a mine, can we? Where is the mine on this list? I’m not seeing it. Oh right here. “Requires stone/iron deposit”. But we got one here. I guess we need to expand our borders somehow? “Protects this area from enemies by shooting at them” Okay How about we grab a training camp. Because I assume we have to defend ourselves at some point in the future Probably not too distant future Develop area: “Increases the number of possible buildings in this area, only once”. And that requires 100 crowns. Alright. Improve tools… “Beware: Our territoriy is under attack”. What already? What’s attacking it? Can we rotate the map? I don’t think so Actually, maybe we can? Let’s check keybindings real quick Looks like the game is paused now So, build, lore, pause. Oh, so there is a pause? Right. Okay. Good to know. There was no pause on the actual interface At least not an obvious one Right Victiory conditions, go to notifications, show world infos, flip building… Okay, map ping, go back to town hall, single unit order… Right, so we can’t rotate the map. That’s fine.

Victory conditions. Right here. And world information. I actually like that, that’s useful Alright, I’ll keep that on Probably won’t need it in the future, but for now we’ll keep it on. Right, we got a few villagers with no jobs, they should probably get some. One more scout perhaps And some people should join the military. You will be a warrior When they don’t have any jobs, they are gathering food from the looks of it? Alright. We are going to need more houses We are already at seven out of ten Right. What else can we build? What’s this? Lore, building… So this area can support up to four buildings. And this area can support up to three buildings. Ruins. “Treasure is waiting to be found here, but only scouts will have the courage to venture here”. Okay And there is a wolf over here What’s this? A draugr It won’t attack the scout? Doesn’t look like it will Draugr thombs.